Course Spotlight – The Art of Uncoupling®

Name of course: The Art of Uncoupling®



The Art of Uncoupling® was created as a safe and healing space for students to go deep within their inner world.

Learning Objectives:

The content platform offers interactive exercises, readings from the Emerging Whole workbook and Conscious Divorce book, and a choice of tools to support their healing needs in the moment.

The intent of this gentle interactive course is to provide wise words wrapped around caring images, soothing music, specific text and sensitive exercises to allow participants to work through their pain in small steps. The entire course was created to care for the participants and lead them through a spiritual reconnection by speaking to their heart with deeply reflective passages, questions and healing actions.

In addition, students have access to a private and dynamic Facebook group where they can their share ideas, inner world story, healing journey and connect with others going through a similar life experience. It’s also where students can feel free to ask questions on any of the materials.

The course goals are:

  • Prepare for uncoupling
  • Examine their inner world
  • Get in touch with their inner story
  • Separate from their partner on an energetic level
  • Value their reconnection with themselves and emerge whole


People who are going through an uncoupling or have in the past and feel they would like to heal their inner world.

Course Dashboard

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Course Lesson

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Course Details:

  • The Art of Uncoupling® is a self-paced online program that learners go through at their own pace, on their own timing.
  • They have life-time access to the course.
  • It also includes access to separate, private Facebook groups ~ one for women and one for men.

Course Landing Page

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The course was created by Dr. Kelly Edmonds using Articulate Storyline and embedded into the Thinkific course platform. Other pages in Thinkific offer welcome messages, course guide, contact information and links to the healing community.


Cost: $145.00

Creator’s Comments:

“I hired Dr. Kelly Edmonds to create me a Custom Crafted E-Course. Kelly is an absolute artist with Storyline. She blends her 20 years of her course creation experience with her knowledge of Storyline and creates programs that have intelligence and heart. She is a true master of knowing how to connect learners with material in a simple and powerful way.

I am so grateful that I connected with Kelly. I knew instantly she was my partner to bring my vision of helping people discover their inner world into reality. I have always known this was my life purpose and without Kelly, it wouldn’t have happened. She is a true co-creator and a joy to work with.” ~ Eileen Dunn, Creator of The Art of Uncoupling®

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