Course Spotlight - The Sheroes Journey

Course Spotlight – The Sheroes Journey

Name of course: The Sheroes Journey



This is a group intensive course, live and online, that is based on the classic tale of personal and spiritual development that Joseph Campbell coined ’The Hero’s Journey’.

Learning Objectives:

The primary learning objective is be inspired, more self aware, and to feel completely capable to make a positive change, dream, project or personal goal true through increased self trust and by taking Soul aligned action.

The course uses the first 10 archetypes of the Tarot, or ‘Avatars’, as a backdrop story and process for transformational change. The Avatars represent an age old story of the change process that helps students step through 10 natural levels for developing an idea, dream, project, and ultimately, deeper self awareness, intuition, and empowered actions. It begins with the Fool and progresses through an intuitive, balanced, and interactive self inquiry process to end up with a holistic plan to make positive changes or business developments.

Each student begins the course with a ‘purpose-full’ goal and intention they want as a result of doing the immersion. They are provided at the end with a way to bring it all together so that they know what to do and why after the immersion.

The course goals are:

  • Help students be more in touch with themselves instead of confused and overwhelmed.
  • Help student tune in to their feminine intuition.
  • Help students create big, brave change through working and connecting with other women.


This course is designed for women and women entrepreneurs who are at some sort of pivotal crossroads and they desire a way to be more in touch with themselves instead of confused, overwhelmed, and feeling cut off from their feminine intuition. They want to make a big brave change and sense that working and connecting with other women is an important part of that.

They are powerful women who pushed really hard in success and in life and have paid a steep price in their health, self care, creativity and intuitive reasoning. They know that it is time to get in touch with their Soul’s inspirations and live a more authentic life – that never asks them to compromise who they are. Mostly, they want to not compromise themselves anymore and choose their path with courage and compassion.

Course Dashboard

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Course Lesson

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Course Details:

This is a 28 days intensive course with 10 lessons,  10 meditations, workbooks, 2 live calls and private Facebook group with office hours as well as one session with Michelle.

The course offers video lessons on each Avatar and includes the following:

  • Light and shadow side of Avatars
  • Audio lessons and meditations
  • Reflective journaling and coaching questions
  • “Try on” mini experiential exercises
  • Tracking insights and action steps per Avatar

Course Landing Page

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This course is presented on the platform and the elements and content were created with Camtasia, Canva, and Audacity.


Cost: $398

Creator’s Comments:

“I have 6 women in the course – this first run is basically the beta test of the course so I am happy it is a smaller group for first time. It started on August 17th so nothing to really report yet except that a few ladies commented that it’s incredibly beautiful, Thinkific is easy to navigate and they are so excited to be part of it. I did have some annoying 1st day snafu’s with Thinkific that are yet to be resolved.

I have a new sales page and have doubled the price and dropped the number of participants. It may have been over eager to have 22 in the first run. Less may be more with this course.

As well, since I have had feedback that I could easily charge well over $1000 considering I add my time and expertise. Maybe one day it will be a more private and exclusive immersion.

I also look forward to crafting it into an evergreen course as well to allow the price point for more people to access it and help themselves in a DIY transformative process-life purpose.”

Working With Kelly

“Without Dr. Kelly, it wouldn’t have happened. She is a true co-creator and a joy to work with –  a godsend in my work. She and I crossed paths at the ideal time as I was ready to put more courses online. Her completely brilliant, common sense,  and personable approach to teaching online encouraged me to know I could do this.

There are so many people teaching people how to do online courses, and many are great too, but I feel like I manifested a true expert that had the level of online know-how plus a professor-level integrity to create, design and teach a course that upholds real learning standards and student empowerment. That matters to me so much and I am very grateful that she and I worked together (via her E-Course Check-Up service) and I have no doubt we will continue as I know there’s so much to learn from this smart and kind lady and friend!” ~ Michelle Wirta, Creator of The Sheroes Journey


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