Course Spotlight: Meeting Mastery Academy

Name Of Course: Meeting Mastery Academy

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Not so long again, I questioned, “What is a ‘Tweet’ and where do you find it?”

I was reminded recently just how far I have come in this online journey that I started just over 18 months ago. Not only did I not know what a ‘Tweet’ was, I was not even on Facebook.

I am Tammy Sherger CEO & Founder of the Meeting Revolution a Business Training Academy. With more than 25 years of experience leading and managing in the world of business and along with a small group of people building a start-up company from an idea to 125-million-dollar market cap, I then decided to become an Entrepreneur.

This quote sums up the philosophy behind my business.

“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way” ~ Booker T Washington

When we look for answers to business issues we often believe that we need a huge new initiative or program; however, what we most often need is to do the things we are already doing in a new way.

Meetings for me are that common thing – a repeatable business practise that people have over and over again every day because meetings don’t just happen in a boardroom. Every time you interact with another person during your workday or in your business you are having a meeting, you’re just not calling it that! Meeting are the system to communicate in business, EVERY business.

Course Details:

Through our live workshops and our online Academy, we teach our Meeting Mastery System and how strategically to apply the system to your business so you can transform your results. My vision is to ignite a global revolution where every person becomes a Certified Meeting Master.

Students can expect to learn:

  • How to set achievable goals
  • Create a winning Guest List
  • Professionally manage difficult people
  • Use the Agenda as strategic positioning tool
  • Build an optimum client environment
  • Tap into your Clients’ decision making process
  • Develop Strategic Rapport
  • Practice Engaged Leadership in 10 minutes a day
  • Understand our proprietary training method ‘The Circle of Habit’

Course Structure:

Within each mini courses there are only 2 modules that should take participants 30 minutes to complete – quick and applicable lessons. The learning materials include animated characters, instructional and motivating videos, downloadable worksheets, quizzes and interactive exercises with instant feedback.

Course Dashboard:

Course Lesson Pages:

Target Audience:

  • Managers, leaders, CEOs
  • Anyone looking to lead more effective meetings


The 10 individual mini courses were constructed using Articulate Storyline then embedded into the Thinkific course platform.

Creator’s Comments:

After extensive market research, I realized that my clients wanted the option of online courses and I knew that I would have to hire a person who could support me in taking my knowledge from my brain to a course. I had been successfully leading and teaching people for over 25 years, in person, but I underestimated the challenge of transitioning my in-person training to an online format –  then I found Dr. Kelly!

Working with Kelly, I have been able to take my vision of my online school and begin to bring it to life. She created a structured blueprint for each of my 10 courses allowing me to focus on translating my expertise, which I could easily convey live, to courses that were high quality, media rich, and designed with the busy learner in mind.

Overall, Kelly creates a road map (a blueprint) for you to follow that leads you to success and builds your confidence. And she builds the entire course for you! Not to mention the credibility that her knowledge brings to my products and the fact that she delivers to her commitments.

Now, I operate both live workshops and the online academy with my ideal client as any person in business. Some of my current clients are Big Rock Brewery, Calgary Public Library and Alliance Pipeline, and I also teach Realtors, Financial Advisors, Coaches and MLM agents. I live what I teach and use meetings as my strategy to build my own business.

Thank you for helping me realize my dream, Kelly!

~ Tammy Sherger, Creator of The Meeting Revolution and The Meeting Mastery Academy