Course Spotlight: Develop the Mindset of a Champion


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Dr. Jack’s Story Leading to the Course Development:

As a Professional Sport Psychologist, I worked for more than 27 years elite athletes and teams, helping them to grind through adversity, overcome obstacles over which they had little control, and remain mentally tough, regardless of the myriad of challenges they faced. I was honored to teach Olympic gold medal winners, World Champions and professional athletes how to perform their best, when it mattered most.

In 2008, the President of the Australian Financial Advisor’s Association read some of my articles related to mastering stress, and he contacted me.  This was a pivotal time for advisors all over the world because of the economic crisis.  Moreover, the government of Australia decided to mandate “fee for service” plans for financial advisors in the country and many of them were panicking, and wondering if they could continue in their careers.

He wondered if I could design a video series to help his advisors master their significant stress.  I agreed, and in researching the financial services industry, I had an epiphany:  I realized that like elite athletes, financial advisors needed to deal with adversity (such as competition, difficult clients, etc.), overcome obstacles over which they had no control (such as stock market volatility), and remain mentally tough throughout their myriad of challenges (such as continual needs to prospect and dealing with compliance and fiduciary demands).

Accordingly, I realized that there was a tremendous need for the same peak performance coaching that I provided for athletes and my career pivoted at that moment, leading to me to author “The Financial Advisor’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide.”

I have been honored to keynote many financial services conferences, but my time is limited to an hour or so.  Many in my audiences asked me how they could delve deeper into the mindset skills I could only summarize in my keynotes.  This is what led me to the development of this course and to Dr. Kelly.

Course Details:

This 5-week course will teach you how to master any stressor that comes with the financial industry territory by changing your mindset to that of a champion. Below are the learning objectives for each course module.

  • MODULE 1: Introduction
  • MODULE 2: Getting a Handle on Your Stress
  • MODULE 3: Uncovering Your Beliefs & Patterns
  • MODULE 4: Developing a Champion Mindset
  • MODULE 5: Building a Resilient Life
  • MODULE 6: Selecting and Retaining Ideal Clients

Course Structure:

The course is laid out in 6 modules featuring video lessons, exercises and downloads, all created to set you up for success. In addition, students receive access to a private Facebook group where they are able to discuss breakthroughs with the community.

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Target Audience:

This version of Develop the Mindset of a Champion is specifically for financial professionals. However, future versions will be developed for other professionals.

There are 3 levels of delivery and student support: course access only; course access with one consulting session; and course access with multiple consulting sessions – all come with bonus materials including a voucher for 12 hours of free training via WebCE courses.


The course was built on the Thinkific course platform.

Lessons are delivered in a variety of multimedia including:

  • Professionally made instructional videos
  • Narrated slides with background music
  • Audio recordings for stories
  • Editable PDF’s
  • Inspiring visuals, and
  • Forum built into the course so sharing and questions are part of each lesson.

Creator’s Comments

I am so pleased to highly recommend Dr. Kelly Edmonds, my “life saver” online course creator. I took an online seminar on course creation and felt completely overwhelmed. I needed someone to do the “heavy lifting,” and Dr. Kelly fit the bill perfectly. She is the consummate professional, with tremendous experience in designing online courses for maximum learning impact.

But Dr. Kelly is much more than that. She puts her heart and soul into each project and you will feel as if you are her only client. She is always thinking about the students and making sure that the course has all of the elements to make the learning a positive and enriching experience.

Dr. Kelly believes in setting firm module completion goals, so she will give you homework and expects it to be done on time. That tidbit kept me from my usual habit of procrastinating and I was very pleased to push myself to the finish line, with her guidance. You will find her to be an absolute delight to work with

Jack N. Singer, Ph.D., Psychologist,