How to Build an Online Fitness Course

Each online course is unique and requires different designs. Below is a basic outline and simplistic mock-up of various lesson pages to show how you can offer your fitness program online.

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Introduction Page


The introduction section would explain the purpose of the fitness program and its goals, share the instructor’s story, and provide motivation to get started.

Most courses have learning outcomes designed by the instructor that, hopefully, students will achieve by the end of the course.

In regards to a fitness course, perhaps let the students decide on their level of achievement with hopes they will attain the highest goal in time. This would be more motivating.


Routine Page


The routine pages would be standard workouts delivered through instructional videos. Keep the videos under 30 minutes for one long workout or two short ones.

Notice the additional supports around the video:

  • Visible goals to provide focus
  • Instructions for working out safely
  • Variations to doing the exercises
  • Printable sheet to record goals

Adding, or layering, related information on one lesson page makes for easier access  and offers additional guidance that is important.

Chunking information is very useful for busy people. That is, small snippets of info is easier to digest and review when time is limited (versus long written pieces or lengthy ‘talking head’ videos).




Links from the main lesson page above can open to additional information or steps that naturally follow the lesson. Again, layering related information within any digital format greatly helps students navigate along a smooth learning path.


Various Media


Video is a great and rich way to present certain information, but can become tedious if used too much.

Below is an example of using illustrations to show proper body positions, which are critical for a healthy workout. These illustrations could also be offered in a PDF document attached to the lesson page vs being on another webp


More Section

In the ‘More’ section offer another program you may have that compliments the current one, and/or let people know how to work with you.

Quality Videos

It’s important to have quality videos of the workout routines. The two most pressing elements of good filming is light and sound. As well, it has been found that poor audio is the least tolerated when it comes to rich media.

Hire a professional, if you can, and a workout studio. Otherwise, find the best equipment for filming it yourself.


Celebrating & Awards

With any self-directed course or one where students set their own pace, it is difficult to know if they accomplished what was intended. One way to reward students for their work is to have them fill out a quiz that has the specific goals for each level.

For instance, use the same criteria in the checklist of goals seen above. Then if all goals via a quiz question are answered as ‘Yes, I achieved that!’, a certificate can be printed.

If all goals were not achieved in a level, then encouraging feedback and support can be given to keep trying.  Many quiz programs can provide this, such as Viral Quiz Builder (plugin), Quizworks (online service), or WPCourseware (course plugin with a built-in quiz feature).


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