In learning, take tasty tiny bites. Then soar!

To conquer overwhelming courses with oodles and oodles of serious content, add playful, bite size exercises.

For goodness sakes, you promised people they will learn in your course so ensure that!

I’ll show you how.

Many courses are modularized (split into modules or units) and strive to teach or present something per section. It could be one big concept, or an introduction to a topic, or preparation steps for something.

Perfect, you’re completely on track.

But, what are you doing to ensure your learners understand and learn the one or two essential nuggets of knowledge or skills in a module. By just reading your stuff, or listening to you? Nope, won’t work.

Learners need to practice the thing you are teaching, and in BITE SIZE portions!

Learning moves something into long-term memory to reuse later. Tis the point, right?

You ask, why can’t they just get it? Well, here is an example.


Let’s say you are taking a DIY home decorating course cuz you are itching to paint, embellish, and refurnish one of your fav rooms (Is it the bedroom? Is it? :0).

So, Module 1 covers different styles of decorating, such as classic, eclectic, country French, romantic, minimalist (guess you don’t need to do much with that style), etc.

And the module has lovely pics and descriptions of these styles. Then comes …

Exercise Overwhelm: Choose a design, style and create a plan on how you will transform your fav room using that theme, including colours, accent pieces, window and floor treatments, and select furniture.

Brick wall. Faint.

Or…. you can guide them with a bite size exercise, FIRST.

Dr Kelly's Bite Size Exercis

Bite Size Exercise (b4 Exercise Overwhelm)

 1) Get a Taste of Your Real Style

  • Access this virtual room makeover by Benjamin Moore
  • Play with some styles and colours
  • Save your project, upload the pic to Pinterest, and share with peers in this course
  • Review other pics by peers, and ask design questions to learn more

Bonus Playtime: Get the right colour combo by exploring these palettes

2) Redesign Your Room

  • Download the following software to virtually redesign your room, by Lowe’s
  • Draft in your existing room dimensions, furniture, flooring and window treatment
  • Now, change it up
  • Have fun with this as nothing is permanent right now
  • Save your project to play with more in following modules

NOTE: This took me 15 minutes to create and find fun, free resources. Also, I suggest in future modules to drill deeper into interior design theories and steps.

This exercise would take about 30 to 45 minutes for learners to complete (longer for the enthusiast) and warms them up to interior decorating.

In turn, the bite size exercise helps scaffold their learning to higher thinking or skill set.


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