From ‘Bag Lady’ to becoming an online doctor

That was me 20 years ago … afraid of becoming a bag lady. Like so many other women, it’s a deep-seated fear.

At that time, I was living in a small island town on the west coast of Canada where everyone was getting laid off. I was an accountant at the time but hated it (and it was uber sexist back then, too). So I started to teach about entrepreneurship in the late 90s as it was a new movement (imagine!).

I got a job at a local business college teaching bookkeeping, payroll, business planning and marketing. The people I was teaching had lost their jobs and were struggling to find a new career.

Maybe it was the environment of students, who were afraid of what was going to happen next and how they were going to pay their bills, that got to me. I went into survivor mode and thought the one thing I needed to do was keep building my education.

Then I almost got fired because, frankly, I sucked as a teacher. The student evaluations were brutal. Let me tell you, I had a tough, reflective weekend where I finally realized the following …

With this realization I changed the way I saw education, taught students, created curriculum and delivered lessons so they included the needs of my learners.

That same year I went back to school part-time. Over the years, I pursued so much education in the field of teaching and obtained 2 diplomas and 3 degrees, including a doctorate.

I fell in love with teaching, learning and designing courses.


Now 20 years later, I am hired worldwide to design online courses for universities, colleges, corporations and entrepreneurs. And the ‘Bag Lady’ feeling is gone.

I. am. in. my. element.

And, I have so much to share about designing online courses.

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