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In our magazine, you can read about e-learning platforms, particularly those that are game-based, as a way to stimulate brain development. Moreover, you can also find many articles regarding design courses and creative thinking as a tool to improve learning.

Our Team

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We are a group of people that created this magazine following the lead of Laura Howell, a dyslexic writer that found a saving board in creative thinking and game-based learning. Since she realized that more and more people were suffering from issues that hindered the capacity to learn through traditional methods, she wanted to talk about alternatives.

The rest of the team is made up of educators and avid students alike who, like Laura, have found that creative thinking is an excellent way to boost learning and development. Some of us have faced similar challenges to hers and most of us have been frustrated and feeling like we were going nowhere.

Our Goals

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We created this magazine because we want to avoid more talent and skills to be wasted into a traditional system that alienates people with alternative ways of looking at learning. Kids all over the world would benefit from having their parents, guardians, and educators, familiarize themselves with these e-platforms and creative thinking as a learning tool. Our magazine looks at eliminating the stigma around conditions such as dyslexia or ADHD, teaching educators and students alike that there is a way around the challenges. After reading our magazine, you will find yourself teaching better and learning faster, sorting out obstacles without having to struggle against the traditional method.