Contrasting Gaming-Based Against Traditional Resources

Gamification of learning has long been a tool of teachers all over the world, from little competitive dances that enhance retentive capacities, to learning videogames. There are those that believe that learning through gaming should be limited to little kids online, and then those who believe that gamification is for everybody.

What is the Truth?

Featured image Contrasting Gaming Based Against Traditional Resources What is the Truth - Contrasting Gaming-Based Against Traditional Resources

The truth is that, while some people learn through the traditional methods just fine, you might be having a hard time learning a certain subject and games help there. While traditional resources for learning involve certain things like reading and evaluations, gaming can provide you with the same knowledge minus those things.

Several studies have found that people are more inclined to learn and have an easier time doing so when they use resources that appeal to their ludic side. Truth be told, there is simply no way you go through any game without learning and developing skills like creative thinking, problem-solving, and many more.

Are There Disadvantages?

Featured image Contrasting Gaming Based Against Traditional Resources Are There Disadvantages - Contrasting Gaming-Based Against Traditional Resources

Everything in moderation applies to gaming as well because you need to have a good schedule to make it one more activity that is part of a healthy living routine. The disadvantages of learning through gaming, as opposed to learning through traditional resources lie in the way you use it.

Traditional resources give you a tighter structure that works for some people, but such a rigid way of learning comes with obstacles that you cannot change. All the disadvantages of learning through gaming can be overcome with discipline and those of traditional resources will be handled by turning to game as a tool.

Both gaming-based and traditional resources for learning have their advantages and disadvantages, but you can always combine them and have the best of both worlds. Although traditional resources have been around for a long time, gaming is here to stay and so is learning through it.

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